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Rehabilitation& Exercise Programs 

The goal of any rehabilitation is to restore function to the greatest degree in the shortest time, helping people return to their function with minimal risk of re-injury. While absolute rest and offloading may relieve symptoms, they are associated with negative potentials such as decreased tissue tolerance and increased tissue vulnerability in the future.

Understanding how tissues respond to physical stress and mechanical loading is helpful in achieving a balance between stabilising an injured tissue and avoiding detraining. Maintaining mobility while stabilising an injured tissue is required in successful rehabilitation.

Our physiotherapists will design you an individual exercise program based on the limitations identified during your comprehensive assessment. These home exercises will complement the hands-on treatment and rehabilitation you receive whilst at our clinics. Our programs are designed to achieve the fastest possible improvement in your condition/injury and reduce the risk of your symptoms returning in the future.

  • Restore function after injury

  • Reduce risk of re-injury

  • Maintain and increase mobility

  • Individual exersice programmes


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