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Many people suffer from neck and back pain, in fact, they are two of the most frequent reasons people require physiotherapy treatment. Neck and back symptoms can have many different forms, it could be:

  • a sharp pain
  • a dull ache
  • a stiffness when trying to move
  • a headache in the case of neck pain.

Some facts about neck and back pain:

  • 90% of people experience spine symptoms at least once in their lifetime
  • The pain is not always restricted to the back and neck, it can also transfer into arms or head and eyes as well as into the gluts, groin, hip, and legs or feet
  • Each episode of back pain can become progressively worse, last longer, and travel farther from its place of origin if not treated
  • If the symptoms are addressed early, 95% of herniated disc patients would NOT require surgery


Physiotherapy is considered to be the most effective and easy way of getting rid of any pain or stiffness in the neck and back. Your physiotherapist will assess the causes for your back and neck pain, mobilize your spinal joints, and will give you advice on how to best maintain your thoracic mobility, essential for a healthy back and neck.

Once a diagnosis has been made, your physiotherapist will often begin with hands-on treatment to help alleviate the symptoms. This may include massage, muscle trigger point release, dry needling, joint mobilisations amongst other forms of treatment.

They will also prescribe suitable and safe stretches and strengthening exercises to help alleviate tightness, provide support to your joints and also build general tolerance that will allow you to maintain a good posture and to carry out daily activities without pain.


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