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Headaches are one of the most common health conditions. It is likely that all of us will experience headaches at some stage, and at any given time, 15% of us are taking pain relief medications for a headache.

Headaches are caused by multiple factors and often include lifestyle factors such as stress, sleeping positions, posture, work habits, and exercise habits.

Three of the most common type of headaches are:

  • Tension headaches – triggered by emotional and physical stress
  • Neck headaches – caused by an underlying neck issue
  • Migraines – can result in severe throbbing or pulsing pain, usually on one side of the head


Evidence strongly supports physiotherapy intervention for all three forms of headache mentioned above. During your initial physio appointment, the goal will be to identify your specific type of headache and understand the contributing factors.

At Bodytone Physiotherapy we use a range of treatment techniques such as manipulation, massage, postural correction, and rehabilitation exercises to help manage some common types of headaches. We can also provide useful advice on how to prevent headaches by modifying everyday habits.


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